Posted by: RunNurse | August 30, 2011

My Ateneo Diamond Blue Race Results

Running, as I may say, is not a new thing for me since I have been joining running events for the past 6 months.

I started with 3kms, then upgraded to 5kms and eventually, had the courage to try 10kms. (Special thanks to Teacher Cheryl for the continuous encouragement!)

Anyway, I have seen how these running events organize the race from the time of registration, to the racing kits distribution down to the race day itself. And me as a registered runner wants at least to see the race well organized, enjoyable and memorable for all runners. Freebies afterwards are just bonuses that may come with it!

I really commend the registration procedure of the Ateneo Diamond Blue Race for the personalized race bibs, the clear route maps and for the comfortable and well-designed singlet. They also have a lot of sponsors, which really excite me!  Having these, I really set my mind and looked forward to run at Ateneo Blue Diamond Race on August 28, 2011, RAIN or SHINE.

I slept over at Teacher Cheryl‘s house the night before because I didn’t want to be late or miss the event if I accidentally didn’t wake up in the morning. We left the house at around 5:00 and arrived at around 5:30 am at MOA. As we walked towards the starting line, I was telling Teacher Cheryl that I think the route of the 10km is just short and we will just be running the same route in three laps to complete the 10km, which was fine for me since I haven’t really experienced that. She told me that it won’t be challenging if that’s the case since you already know the complete route. I just kept quiet and thought that maybe i just overlooked the route map given.  There were not so much people at the venue yet, which was very understandable since the weather wasn’t really that good and it was simultaneous with Earth Run at BGC and Run Doctor Run at Dasmarinas Village, Makati. I didn’t mind that at all, I was still very excited to run my 3rd 10kms and beat my time.

The warm-up committee was also good since they were able to draw the attention of the runners and do the warm ups with them. We were on the starting line as they did a countdown for the start of the 10km run. I was waiting for the gunstart, but to my surprise, i didn’t hear it. I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying attention or was very talkative and did not notice it, which was really fine.

And so I started running and pacing myself so that I can beat my previous time. It was really good to have friends encourage you the whole time. Thanks a lot Teacher Cheryl, Teacher Belle, Teacher Sandra and Sir Alex!

On my first 2km, I was really fine, not really that tired, but my lips were starting to get dry. I need hydration then, but since there were no water stations yet at that point, I still kept running. I even asked Cheryl why were there no water stations yet.. Cheryl, being a more “pro” in running, told me that usually, it isn’t advisable to drink at that distance yet. And so I focused on my running until we were about to finish the first lap. Finally! A water station! Although it wasn’t as big as the other races I’ve been to, it was good enough. The water station had two water dispenser and paper cups, and three guys preparing the water.

While I was waiting for my cup of water, Cheryl signaled that she is going to run ahead. And so because I felt tired already, I said that she shouldn’t wait for me already.

On my second lap, I had few meters of run and walk. When I was about to reach the second water station, (which was located at the pedestrian near SMEX) I ran faster because I really felt so thirsty. To my surprise, the assigned people told me that there were NO MORE CUPS available. The attendant offered the water and told me that I could drink using my cupped hands, in which I automatically refused. I was a bit disappointed because I think, water stations are the most essential part of running events, in addition to good organization. I had no choice but to continue running despite the thirst I felt. I even planned to stop by the open fast foods and buy a bottle of water. But i thought, the next water station might be just around the next turn.

Unfortunately, the next water station was 1 kilometer away. The good thing is, they had water, but again, you have to wait for them to fill up the cup before you will be able to drink. And so patiently I waited for my cup of water, and then continued running. Oh and by the way, I saved the cup, just to be sure I will have a cup for the next water stations.

As I was about to go for my third lap, which was kind of confusing since I already have 3 lap markers with me which were wrapped around my wrists (the white for the first lap, the blue for the second and the yellow, supposed to be for the third but was also given on the second lap), the marshal asked me whether I was on my third lap, and then I said yes. To my surprise, he commented and said “THIRD LAP DAW PERO WHITE AT BLUE ANG HAWAK NIYA!” I got really irritated and so I raised my hand to show him the straw markers I’m holding and said “HERE! I HAVE THE YELLOW ONE!” (sorry for being sarcastic!) Being part of the race, being a marshal especially, I think it was not really proper for him, or anyone to give comments like that. It was really very rude and unecessary!

Feeling bad with what happened, I continued to run until I got into the next water station. (The same water station with no cups I mentioned earlier). I raised my cup signaling them that I have my own cup now. The response I got was, SORRY, BUT THERE’S NO MORE WATER! OH my, I really can’t believe this! Earlier, they had no cups, so I got my own cup. Then now I have my cup, they are saying that they ran out of water? I really felt bad, and so disappointed hearing that.

I received a text message from a friend saying that the runners were drinking from the dispenser cup or from the palms of their hands.

But despite my struggles during the run, I tried my best to cross the finish line. I was happy with my time because I was able to beat it by 2 minutes, which was really unexpected. I got my second medal! It was really nicely done. Again, I commend them for that!

In my mind I thought of getting something to drink, but to my surprise, everything was to be bought. Except for the Mogu-Mogu and the Iced Tea Booth. I hurriedly fall in line to grab a drink and went back 3-4 times to quench my thirst (sorry for that) After, I met with Teacher Cheryl and narrating to her my experience, I found out that she kind of felt the same, especially with the lack of water stations.

The emcees announced that runners who haven’t received their certificates must proceed to the registration booth, so we hurried there, only to find out that we had to sign out names on piece of blue paper because they ran out of certificates.

That really was not an issue for me, as long as they will give it, that is very fine.

Experiencing all these from a run I truly looked forward to was very heartbreaking for me. I have looked up to them from the start only to be disappointed in the end. But still whatever I experience, I give the ADBR team the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was just because of the bad weather or  something unexpected came for these to happen.

I made this blog not to say bad things or ruin reputations, but to give a call to organizers, who planned and are planning to have their own events to at least be extra careful, have back up plans and be more sensitive to others. Maybe there were no reported incidents of dehydration or accidents, but do we still have to wait for those things to happen when it could have been prevented to happen from the start?

To all the ADBR team organizers, thank you for the opportunity to join the running event, for the commendable racing kit and singlet, as well as the nicely done medal.. there is always a room for change, hoping that we look at this as a learning experience and to see that there’s always room for improvement.

And as for me, I still look up to Ateneo. To GOD be the GLORY! 🙂

Credits to  Teacher Cheryl, for the pictures!



  1. Nicely written Ivica! 🙂 You’re becoming a pro so quickly! 🙂

  2. thank you che! and thats because of how ur teaching me!! 🙂
    thank you!!

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