Posted by: RunNurse | August 31, 2011


23 reasons why I am friends, why i love this gal:

1. Because we’re total opposites! With my very high energy especially in talking, Anakat, most of the time isn’t. During our conversations, most of the time, I do the talking. (Except during her “kilig” stories)

2. I call her, she’s always available. Very spontaneous night outs, hangouts or whatever, she’s the person to call, she’s ready and available as long as you don’t clash with her duty schedule. Very convenient huh?

3. We both love chick flicks! Romantic-comedy movies makes us go AWWWWWWW… for a long period of the. I guess that’ s just how we work! 😀

4. She is very submissive. In her relationships with people, she’d rather keep quiet than build an argument, which is annoying sometimes since, she gets really ABUSED.

5. She loves my family. Despite the flaws of my family, she has always been very “quiet”. When I am upset because of something about my family, she tries so hard to see each side and makes me see where am I wrong and what should I do.

6. We love to take pictures… of OURSELVES. Camwhoring is our thing eversince college! Its our life back then!

7. She drops me off at home. between the two of us, Anakat has the farther house, therefore, she drops me off 😀

8. She says I’m not fat even if it’s already obvious that I am! Anakat has her way of calming me down when I begin to get paranoid about my weight. Only a few are able to do that.

9. We love the BEACH! the only difference is–she stays on the shore, I go to the water. 🙂 She’s scared of learning how to swim! Doesn’t she trust me?

10. She is COOL with everyone. Me being unable to act properly in front of people I don’t like, well, she has mastered that skill. Again, because she didn’t want arguments, so she stays neutral with almost everyone.

11. Her family loves me. Being appreciated is sometimes what we want, and I really feel that with Anakat’s family. Thank you always ❤

12. She has the weird pouting face when we take pictures! 🙂

13. She listens rather than talk. When I am down, and crying about everything, she is there always and ready to lend a shoulder. She doesn’t talk a lot and make “sermons” but instead she waits for you to calm down, then she’s make her move.

14. Anakat, Kikx and Marj gave me my first bouquet when we were in second year for my birthday! Sweet isn’t it?

15. She loves me for who I am. Fat, thin, snob, nice, noisy, quiet, irritated, overjoyed, disappointed.. Whatever mood I may have for the day, she’s always there at my back!

16. She’s always right with her predictions! Sorry Anakat, but I’m not elaborating on this.

17. We love Filipino movies! “Corny as it may seem, but we do love them! 🙂 Cheers to the Filipino Movie Industry!

18. She accompanied me during my HKG exam! 🙂 and we went shopping afterwards!! We love HKG!!

19. She updates me with her LOVELIFE… and her LIFE especially! I’ll be waiting for the latest update ha! 🙂

20. We go CRAZY over ONE TREE HILL! Oh yes! We are avid fans of Lucas and Peyton; Brooke and Julian; Quinn and Clay and Haley and Nathan! ❤ ❤  We download the songs and we are looking forward for a SEASON 9!!

21. She went with me to my first rock concert! VIP PASSES for Boys Like Girlss!! Not to mention Paramore!!

22. She appreciates every little thing I do. She might not show it sometimes, but I know she does! I love you Anakat!! and Thank you!!

23. She is  just herself. I love Anakat for who she is, what she does.. and I accept her completely. I know there isn’t a perfect person, nor a perfect friend.. But who needs someone perfect when a real person is standing right in front of your face?

Anyway, to Anakat who is miles away on her birthday, I send my wishes for you, and may this blog be a proof of what a wonderful person you are!

I love you so much Anakat!! and I really really Miss you!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



  1. Awwww. I am completely touched by this Ivi 🙂 Youu just don’t know how much this made me happy! And thanks for always remembering me. And yea, even if I am so far away from home, I promise that I will always be here for youu. No matter what 🙂 Friends foreveeeer. Loveyouuuu ❤ – Anakat 🙂 From Oz with Love!

    • Ur very much welcome friend!! I love you a lot too!! ❤ Hope you had a blast!!!

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