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September 18, 2011-Rizal Run / Miles for Smiles / Run and Help

For days, I have been contemplating where to run on September 18, 2011.

  • Miles for Smiles Run for Cleft Care?
  • Run and Help for the Cancer Warriors Foundation?
  • Rizal Run?

With what happened today, could that be a sign?

Last year, my colleague, Teacher Cheryl invited me to run with them at Miles For Smiles. Miles for Smiles is a running event that aims to collect funds for the operation of children with cleft care, cleft palate or both. Even if I am so much willing to help, I wasn’t able to say yes since I was not really into running back then. I was scared that I won’t be able to commit and finish it.

Early July this year, I received an email from Pep Squad Events that there will be Miles for Smiles, Run for Cleft Care this September 2011, upon reading, I immediately went to see Teacher Cheryl and told her the news and said that this time, I wanted to run here.


What: Miles For Smiles, Run for Cleft Care 2011
Where: Bonifacio Global City
When: September 18, 2011, Sunday
Organizers: Pep Squad Events

Singlet Design:

Later did I realize that September 18, 2011 is the same date of the Run and Help 2011 for the Cancer Warrior Foundation. This event has been the next foreseeable  running event for me after ADBR before I received the email sent to me by Pep Squad Events.

“Cancer is the general name for a group of more than 100 diseases in which cells in a part of the body begin to grow out of control. Although there are many kinds of cancer, they all start because abnormal cells grow out of control. Untreated cancers can cause serious illness and even death.” 

I have known that September is the “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” As a nurse, and runner, I planned to run in this event, to show my participation and support. I have also talked with some of my colleagues and we have already ALMOST decided that we will run here.


What: Run and Help 2011 for the Cancer Warrior Foundation

Race Category: 3K/5K/10K

When: September 18, 2011

Where: McKinley Hill, Taguig City


Organizers: AdEvents

Registration fee (Inclusive of dri-fit shirt, RFID shoe tag) : P550.00 for all categories

Assembly time : 5:00 AM

Start time :
10k – 6:00 AM
5k – 6:05 AM
3k – 6:10 AM

Singlet Design:

And in addition, last month, I was lucky to be given FREE RACE KIT for this event, but the distance entered is only 3K.

Given that these two running events have good beneficiaries, I sort of had a hard time choosing where to run. Miles for Smiles has a finisher’s shirt and a reflective band which kind of attracted me more to run here, but I haven’t registered and I am really saving up. Run and Help on the other hand, made me think twice because I haven’t tried running at McKinley Hill, and according to what I have heard, it isn’t as comfortable as Bonifacio Global City or MOA because of the uphill and downhill areas. The thing is, I already have a race kit for this event. Meaning I need not pay for the registration, but, the distance is only 3k! With their pros and cons, I end up being so indecisive about this. Even my colleagues at work were torn where to run on this day and this has been our topic for some days now.

Today, after running at ARC Thursday Fun Run , Clarissa asked Teacher Cheryl where we will run on the 18th, and so the topic was opened again. Teacher Cheryl said that she will be running for Miles for Smiles. Teacher Ellen and Teacher Belle on the other hand, said that they have already registered for Run and Help and will be running there. Then they looked at me. I looked back with no answer because really, I still haven’t decided on where to run.

We waited for the regular raffle being held after and to my surprise, the ticket with my name was picked. And guess what? the prize was a FREE RACE KIT for RIZAL RUN..  Hearing this. The only reaction I had in mind was  OH MY! Rizal Run isn’t one of my priority.  The reason is that, as much as possible, I want to run for a cause. In what I have read, Rizal Run commemorates the 150th year of Rizal and I just don’t see its cause.

“The Filipino running community pays tribute to DR. JOSE RIZAL in commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary of the National Hero. Expect another exciting and fun-filled race as the same gentlemen behind Greentennial Run, Run for Japan and Greentennial Half Marathon team up with The National Historical Commission of the Philippines in staging this momentous event that comes only once in 150 years. VIVA RIZAL!”


What: RIZAL @ 150 (RUN RIZAL)

When: September 18, 2011 @ 5am

Where: Rizal Monument, Roxas Blvd, Manila

Categories: 3K, 5K, 10K and 16K

Organizer: NHCP/Animo Events Management

Singlet Design:

And for Rizal Run, Free registration, 5k distance.. But alone, and unfamiliar of the place. The details .. they are really very confusing.

I just pray that whichever of the 3 I decide to run, I will be able to enjoy and run for whatever cause it may have.



  1. Nice Post! AXN ka nalang Nurse.. hehehe! 🙂

  2. Hehe. I saw that too!

  3. hahaha oo nga eh, AXN sounds exciting too! 🙂 So what’s your decision dear friend? 🙂

  4. oh myyyyy. run rizal na i guess? but i havent received a text from them yet.

  5. Dami mo choices Nurse! Sayang yun sa Run & Help. 🙂
    Di yata nakatulong ang comment ko. 😛

  6. We do everything we can to put a smile on a childs face….

    […]September 18, 2011-Rizal Run / Miles for Smiles / Run and Help « runnurse[…]…

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