Posted by: RunNurse | September 18, 2011

It’s never too late to RUN AND HELP! :)

It took me sometime to decide on which running event will I run. Until later yesterday, while at the Blogapalooza, I made my decision.

Run and Help 2011 for the Cancer Warrior Foundation–it’s where I chose to run.

What made me choose them?
1. Teacher Cheryl gave me her race bib for Run and Help yesterday, first thing in the morning. She asked me that if ever I decide on running there to give it to Teacher Belle’s son. So that the registration won’t be a waste.

2. The other day, I was browsing blogs.. and I always end up opening blogs about cancer, etc, etc.

3. I didn’t receive any confirmation on when and where to claim my Rizal Run Race Kit. In which later in the evening I found out that they called my house. BUT, no one informed me that they had already called. I was kind of waiting for a text message. Hehe. Lesson: Never rely on text messages! 🙂

Anyway, i had fun running today, although, I admit I was really exhausted with the route. It was my first time to run uphill and downhill!!! Whew! Didn’t see familiar faces though.

The event itself was better than I expected. There were not much people.. the place wasn’t crowded either.
The claim of lootbags were properly arranged, the water stations were enough for the runners. marshalls and signs were all over the place! Also, the Aero Med team was roaming around to maintain the safety of everyone!

So, here are some pictures I took:

Good Job on the organizers of the Run and Help! 🙂


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