Posted by: RunNurse | September 18, 2011

Reebok Easytone Apparel

Looking for  new sports apparel? Or could it be a new pair of running shoes? Or just something comfortable to wear?

I think this might be what you are looking for.

Reebok Philippines launches their newest apparel line!

The REEBOK EASYTONE Apparel Collection

As Reebok Easytone is known for shoes that creates instability–toning a woman’s rear, calves and thigh muscles;  Reebok Easytone Apparel consists of a whole range of workout clothes that can, not only be used for gym time, but also as for everyday wear. Because of the Resistone bands built in on the clothes, the new line gives almost the same benefits as going to the gym. It is designed to tone and strengthen upper body muscles while correcting posture and proper body alignment.

September 15, 2011 at Trinoma Activity Center, the newest collection of Reebok was lauched.

Cheryl and I were invited to attend the launching. With hosts Kassy Pajarillo and Vicky Ras of   Team Reebok Running, the program started at around 7:00pm.

Included with the launch was the Reebok Toning Experience wherein everyone was invited to try out the Reebok elliptical trainer, walker, etc.. Alongside w ith it was the launch of the FTW Magazine with model actress Nikki Gil as the cover.


At this event, Nikki Gil was introduced as the newest Reebok Ambassadress! Here’s a video i took *Sorry for the poor quality*

Anyway, a fashion show of the faces of Reebok Easytone was held. Women from different lifestyles who have been inspirations to other people in their own ways–“The Women of Reebok”


After the fashion show, while waiting for the arrival of Ambassadress Nikki Gil, a short Zumba dance was executed to pump up the audience’s energy! 🙂 I took a video of it but was too shy to dance, and besides, i was also wearing a dress!! Saved by the dress! 🙂

Nikki Gil was then introduced, and the crowd’s voices were suddenly high! I personally admire Nikki Gil since she is a women in a complete package! Beauty, brains.. you name it, she has it! Perfect for the Reebok Easytone Collection.

The Reebok Easytone Collection consists of tops, capri pants, pants, and shoes that mainly help the muscles of our body. The Resistone bands are the ones in-charge of doing these..

Isn’t it great for Reebok to have this collection? it’s just like working out everyday just by wearing Reebok Easytone Collection!
Very very brilliant!

you may wanna checkout their Facebook Page for more info.
Have a nice day everyone!!



  1. Thank you so much for joining us at the launch and also for blogging about EasyTone! Glad to know you had fun at the event. Zumba with Miss Rowena was my favorite! I wish we got to do more of it that day. Hope to see you in our next event.:)

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