Posted by: RunNurse | September 24, 2011

Blogging: More than a Consolation Prize

Blogging to me, can be stressful at times. Not because I can’t write, but because sometimes, I ran out of words to write. Of course when one blogs, he should have something to say.

I do not have any history in blogging. I assume that there are techniques, do’s and don’ts’s, proper wording, picture placing—principles of blogging, in short. I just didn’t care about these. For me, if I blog, it is simply because I want to write what I think, just that.. and no one would even care to read it.

I didn’t have the confidence that I can write. It’s just too personal. I’m just too emotional.

Until a good friend, Cheryl Golangco asked me if I wanted to watch THOR in 3D in exchange for an article for WIM. It took me a while before I said yes to her. Maybe because, I had no idea how to write a review or I’m scared that I won’t be able to meet what was expected or  because I wasn’t really that confident with my writing skill. Despite those holdbacks, I took that article as a challenge. I submitted it to them… Edits were done, I was given some tips how to write it better, what to do with pictures, and a lot more… but in due time, my article was published. YES it was.


I felt relieved and happy mostly because I can say to myself that I had one article published there.. Good or bad, I don’t know, what I just know is that I felt proud for myself.

And so Cheryl encouraged me to continue writing, to make my own website.. I always say to her that I didn’t know what to write, I can’t keep up, I’m too busy, and all the excuses I can give. But she didn’t stop. She didn’t give up on me. And I had to THANK HER for that. Smile

Last July, I submitted another article. This time, it was about My Rexona Run Experience.


For free race kits, an article should be written about the experience itself. Originally, my colleagues at work were the ones who were assigned to write it, but since they were too busy… and I think I had the responsibility to remind them, I decided to write instead. I just asked what was their feedback and the rest was history.

I enjoyed writing the article. I just narrated what happened and gave few comments about it. I didn’t even have a lot of pictures since I didn’t bring a camera.

And again, It was a privilege to have my article published and seen by many.

Until now, I write for WIM. I am happy writing for them and at the same time I also have my own website in which I am adjusting still. This time, I want to learn. I want to have better articles than my previous ones. I give a lot of effort just to be able to come up with a good entry. And I owe a lot to Cheryl Golangco and  Vince Golangco, who have been giving me lots of tips on how to have a better article… how to maintain a good website. I learned from them little by little, day by day..

Recently, I submitted an entry at WIM. I emailed Vince to check my article. He said he’d review it and after a few minutes, he sent me a reply asking if I joined an online blogging contest.. or what because he thinks I won and he  attached after, this link: , I was surprised and said “no”, but I hurriedly clicked on the link to check what is he saying. and this I what I saw:



I replied to Vince saying that I will look into this. Whether or not this is true. So I texted the mobile number, introduced myself and asked whether this was true or not. She replied “Yes, you won a consolation price for our online photo contest…” Still unconvinced, I asked her how can I claim it.. she gave the same reply as what was written in the comment.. Right then, I thanked her and told her that I will go there soon.

I got very overwhelmed that my article won something! I shared it to my colleagues at work and of course to Cheryl! What was more overwhelming was that, I knew that people gave time to read my article, and that they actually liked it! It was so heartwarming and flattering.. that consolation prize, was the first prize for me.

It gave me more confidence to write, inspired me to write more, and know more about the blogging world. It gave me hope that I can be a good writer, maybe not now… but who knows! Smile

The little things, they always mean the most…

And so, to cut this short, I really won. I got a gift bag from Rexona, and 3,000.00 from Fuentes Manila. Smile Not bad for a new blogger huh. Thank you to Rexona and Fuentes Manila! 🙂

With much gratitude, I thank you Cheryl and Vince. You were the 2 people who first believed that I can write. thank you for the opportunity. Smile  and to my readers… thank you for taking your time to read this, or any of my articles. It means a lot, really. Smile






xoxo Runnurse.



  1. So proud of you ivy!! congratssssssss 🙂 You really deserved it!

    • Thank you. I owe a lot to you! :)))

      • I just helped you see what you already had. It was all you! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! You write very well, indeed! See you at the races!:-)

    • thank you Jazzrunner! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

    • awwww. thank you too!

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