Posted by: RunNurse | October 9, 2011

St. Peter Life Run Qualified Names as of 2:00 pm 10/9/11


As of 2:00 pm today, these are the qualified names for the St. Peter Life Run Contest. Please Make sure you have followed the steps posted here. Thank you! Smile

  1. Jonathan Nava
  2. Joel Baluyot
  3. Monica Guilas
  4. Cadz Guanseng
  5. Bern Lopez Dy
  6. Mharu Pacana
  7. Janus Paul de la Cruz
  8. Jose Tuason
  9. Joyce Magnaye Masalunga
  10. Clarissa Almeida

You still have until 12 midnight today! Smile

Have a nice day and goodluck! Open-mouthed smile


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