Posted by: RunNurse | October 12, 2011

What’s in the Nike We Run Manila Race Kit?

Today, we claimed our race kits for Nike We Run Manila 10k, which will be this coming Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011.

From the side of R.O.X., the music can already be heard. I got really excited then. As we walk towards the tent, Che was already saying to me, “Sayang wala camera ko!” (“so unfortunate, I forgot my cam!”) I just smiled and I said to her, “I can take the pictures instead.” And so I did, but with my cellphone only.

Anyway, when we got at the entrance, there were only I think 3-5 people claiming. The releasing booths were more than what I was expecting and the place wasn’t too crowded. Lucky for us!


Organized entrance and exit


Race Route posted at entrance


Reminders to facilitate faster claiming of kits



Nike Products displayed inside the tent

After, we scanned the items inside the bag, just to check if they were all there. Teacher Cheryl checked hers, found out that it was a medium. So she requested for a change since small was the size she ordered. She was informed by the guy that there was no more small female size available. that’s why medium was the size placed on her  bag. She also noticed that the number on the shirt was different from that on the D-tag. We asked if that was okay, and the guy said it was. So Cheryl had no choice but to accept it, I even offered the small  size I had from the other kit, but Che said that the shirt number was registered to a different name. So we left, with questions on our heads on why the number on the d-tag and that on the tee was different.. We took a picture as we were excited for the upcoming race!


Happy Teacher! Finally she has her race kit Smile


And of course me, Happy Nurse Smile

I was already excited before, but now that I have my race kit and I have seen what’s inside, it made me more excited to run for Manila! In less than 5 minutes, we were out of the tent and were able to proceed with our plans on time.

Around 7pm, we stopped by Coffee Bean to buy drinks when Teacher Cheryl thought of checking her shirt again..this time, she found out that she was given a medium size for a male, instead of medium female. Luckily, we were still at the area, so we went back, and she had her shirt change, at a different booth this time. She was still given a medium size for female because the small was already out of stock. It was LUCK for us–to be able to go there with no long lines, to at least have the sizes change.

The thing that has been bothering me and Che is what happened to the pre-ordered sizes? And why is the number on the shirt different from the d-tag when I think its supposed to be the same? What really happened?

Anyway, I also would like to share what’s inside? –Nike Race Guide, Nike Water Bottle, Nike Dri-Fit Tee, D Tag.

I really love the tee because the fabric is soft and it doesn’t feel hot when worn. Although it lacks a little more thickness for the cloth material, but it’s worth the price paid. The water bottle is also nice Smile Of course the bag is commendable for being waterproof!



Nike water bottle


Race Guide


Nike Dri-Fit Shirt


Nike Drifit Shirt Front


Top Center Back


Bottom Right at the back


Big Waterproof Reusable Bag


the Excited Me.


In conclusion, the releasing had its pros and cons.. maybe it didn’t go as expected by many. But I still hope for a good race on Saturday. I’m giving Nike Running the benefit of the doubt for the errors they had. And besides, the items were nice as expected!


See you at Nike We Run Manila 2011! ❤



xoxo RunNurse



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