Posted by: RunNurse | November 18, 2011

Jambafied with Jamba Juice!

November 10, 2011, I was invited by Little Running Teacher to attend to a launching of a “juice” at Bonifacio High Street. I wasn’t exactly sure what the name of the “juice” was because I didn’t hear her clearly, I just said yes to her.

I had an event to attend on that same day, I was focused to it that I didn’t give much attention to the “juice” event..

When we arrived, this is what I saw:


The “juice” finally had a name.. it was JAMBA JUICE. Well I was still very clueless what was it.

“The venue of the event was big for a juice, maybe it isn’t an ordinary juice…”

I kept saying to myself.

Food was served to people. So I was thinking the whole time, maybe JAMBA JUICE isn’t just a juice.. it’s something else.



Started in 1990, Jamba Juice is very much known, from locals to celebrities in California, to serve delicious and refreshing drinks, plus healthy on-the-go snacks.

The good news is–Jamba Juice is now ready to JAMBA-fy customers as Jamba Juice lands their first branch in Southeast Asia at Bonifacio High Street Central.

“We chose Bonifacio High Street Central as it is known for being the go-to destination for a rising number of urbanites who live dynamic lifestyles—the same market Jamba Juice has successfully captured in California,”

shares Sharon Fuentebella, Managing Director of Jamba Juice Philippines.

Jambafied 🙂

“High quality is a major recipe of Jamba Juice that is why all its products are made only with whole fruits, Jamba Juice represents the ideals of a lifestyle anchored on active living, exceptional quality, and a heritage that highlights better-for-you options for people on-the-go.”

says Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager of Jamba Juice Philippines.

Isn’t this exciting? Another power-up juice to fall in line for 🙂 I’ve tried one of their Classic Smoothies–the Banana Berry flavor which is made of bananas, blueberries, apple strawberry juice, raspberry sherbet and frozen yogurt. After having a sip, all I was able to say is that… “SARAP” (delicious!) and I repeated it over and over until my last sip! 🙂

Too bad we weren’t able to claim our FREE drink using the voucher since I was really powered up and full because of the Banana Berry I drank! Whew!

The event was really a success! Thank you to Max Group of Companies, for bringing to us what we Filipinos need.. Healthy Shakes to JAMBA-FY our day! 🙂 Don’t forget to visit the store. It’s worth every peso you spend! 😀

More pictures from the event:

opening dance number

Celebrity Hosts

Pledging fro the Guiamaras Mango Park

Jamba Waiters distributing free drinks for all!!

Jamba Juice  first store in Southeast Asia-Now Blending in Manila!

People overwhelmed and jambafied! 🙂


Jamba Juice merchandise

Breads and pastries


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