Posted by: RunNurse | November 21, 2011

Multisport 2011 Sourcebook: Triathlon Sports Athletes’ One Stop Book

Running has been part of the activity of daily living of a lot of people. Athletes and non-athletes join running events every now and then; regardless of age and gender, running has been a trend today.

I honestly didn’t see myself running back when I was in high school’ not even in college. I actually hated running back then since my legs get tired easily. I noticed that in my trainings. I was more inclined to swimming that time. Until I met friends who were very much determined to make me run when I started to work. Soon enough, their charisma worked and I started running with them. And, I can say that I started to enjoy it–running itself. Maybe not like how some runners enjoy it, but… I don’t know, I just do. 

Anyway, so I started asking for running tips, I joined running events and run kilometers almost every week. Basically, running became a part of my weekly routine, also, it has become an avenue to bond with friends and meet new people. Smile


Multisport 2011 Sourcebook Launching_00006

And so last November 12, 2011, I was invited to attend the launching of the Multisport 2011 Sourcebook. Within the year, I have heard of the scheduled lectures being given by different coaches to athletes, aspiring athletes and the likes. All you have to do is sign up and pick a schedule. I was unable to attend to any of the lectures since I had a busy schedule and sometimes, the location was not accessible for me, I felt sorry for missing the chance to listen to the coaches. Good thing Hinge Inquirer Publications (HIP) in cooperation with L Time Studio published Multisport 2011 Sourcebook and made it available at all leading bookstores nationwide at only Php150.00!


What is the Multisport 2011 Sourcebook about?

Multisport 2011 Sourcebook Launching_00010

Launching of the Multisport Sourcebook at Bonifacio High Street

The Multisport 2011 Sourcebook is a useful guide and directory for aspiring and seasoned swimmers, cyclists, runners and multisport athletes.—Handy isn’t it?

The booklet contains profiles of best training coaches, medical professionals, locations of swimming, biking and running gears and some specialized training programs to make you a disciplined athlete.

As I browsed through the book, I reminisce the times I used to focus on training and how it has helped me become what I am today. Truly, this booklet will be a good partner in helping me be good at running, while preserving and maximizing my legs and feet! Smile

Multisport 2011 Sourcebook Launching_00005

So, I call on every athlete and aspiring athletes to grab a copy of the Multisport Sourcebook 2011! This might be what you have been looking for!


Also, during the event, I was one of the lucky attendees to win one of the watches L Timestudio raffled away. Hah! Truly, this event will be one of the events I won’t forget! Thank you! Smile

Multisport 2011 Sourcebook Launching_00018





  1. grabe ka ivy ! runner ka na for real 😀 sayang d ako makakakuha ng copy 😦

    • weeeheee. 🙂 ill lend you my copy, uwi ka muna dito 😀

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