Posted by: RunNurse | November 22, 2011

What I Learned: Never Expect or Assume, People May Surprise You. Part 1

This is a very very late post, but I had to publish it because I want everyone to know how lucky I am for having these people around. Smile 


My 24th Birthday: Friends are not measured by quantity, but quality. 

Last October 22, 2011, I celebrated my 24th birthday. Yes, I am 24 already Open-mouthed smile Anyway, I was on duty that day but had plans to go out with my colleagues at work. Everything went as planned, they will pick up my cake, then pick me up at work and then we’ll all proceed to Omakase in Ayala Triangle.

038 037 

My cakes courtesy of Mamabelle

I was having mixed emotions that whole week since “Ama” is scheduled to leave the Philippines on my birthday. When I knew about it, all I said to myself was: “oh great! What a birthday!” So, I wasn’t really at my highest that day. Actually, I didn’t want that day to come.

After my shift, I invited everyone to leave and eat since it’s past 12 already. I looked for Cheryl, and they told me she was inside the classroom, I had a hunch that they will play an AVP for me (like what I always tell them, I always assume, I just don’t expect). I didn’t want to enter the room since I didn’t want to cry ( assuming there is a video)but I had no choice. I stood at the back and then they were all staring at me as Cheryl was sitting in front of the computer, and I guess she hit the play button.

Cheryl: Oh! Eto na video mo! Hahaha.


I laughed after she said that. But as I heard the music, tears started to roll down my cheeks.. I wasn’t able to focus watching the video since I became so emotional. Right then and there, I felt very very blessed to have them. In my mind I was thanking God! That was the first time, in my 23 years that and avp was made for me. (usually, I was the one who made avps for friends).  Tears burst more as I saw the picture of teacher Sandra, my “ama”. It then came back to my head that she is leaving already and I won’t be able to see her again.


I felt more hurt because I didn’t hug her the last time I saw her. So, the blaming-missing mixed emotions all came out there. The ending part of the video was a message from her. I didn’t want to listen because I still can’t let go of her.


After the avp, they were teasing me, “assuming ka kasi! kala mo ikaw lang kayang magsurprise?” They even said to me: “Kala mo hindi ka namin mapapaiyak no? Smile I just smiled. I started talking and THANKING them. I kept repeating the words THANK YOU because I was really touched. From the message of my friends here in the Philippines to messages coming from Dubai, California and Australia, I felt very special! I was at my climax of emotions when someone knocked at the door. We were all in panic—or only me, because all the while I thought we’ll get caught. They were forcing me to be the one to open the door.

I slowly opened the door, no one was there, just the knocking, so I closed it again, but they insisted that I open it again, the second time I left it open and stayed at the back of the door. When I decided to look out, Teacher Sandra appeared in front of me.


Right then and there, I cried aloud. I hugged her tight and thanked GOD for granting my only wish: That I be able to hug her one last time, before she leave. WOW! Too much of a surprise huh? I actually got tired of crying… But I never regret a single tear because all those were tears of happiness. These people, they made me happy on my special day, and I really thank God for giving them to me. A second family who truly loved me as me, and made me feel very much wanted and appreciated.Smile


Anyway, we headed back to the room. I talked to Teacher Sandra and she told me that she didn’t want to miss my birthday so she dropped by so that she can celebrate with us. Speechless and happy I just hugged her and thanked her for doing that. On the other side, Mamabelle kept asking and pointing to Cheryl what was the other video file she has. It was entitled “Happy Birthday Pat”, when I saw it I got really excited because it was one of my favorite videos. I have only showed it to Cheryl and I wanted them to see it, and so I told Cheryl to show it to them, Oh and by the way its this:

Credits to Joanna who made this video for Pat.

And then I cried again! They made their own version of my favorite video, which I never expected anyone to do for me. And they did it. I melted into tears as I watch them in the video. Indeed I am special to them! Smile I appreciated the effort a lot, and until now, I can watch the video over and over and over, and never get tired of it!


Watching them on the video, makes me melt… every time.

to be continued.


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