Posted by: RunNurse | December 5, 2011

Soleus GPS 1.0: All A Runner Could Ever Need (Updated)

Last November 27, 2011, I had the privilege to attend the launching of the newest company that not only produce simple running watches, but produce running watches that are based on a runner’s point of viewSOLEUS.

We use our legs in running, of course! SOLEUS (an important leg muscle that supports our walking and standing), was founded by David Arnold and David Heath in 2008 that focuses primarily on providing the needs of a runner. SOLEUS  sees to it that they give the most accurate, most comfortable and easiest to use watch a runner desires for.

What’s more unique with SOLEUS WATCHES is that ALL their watches have a message at the back that could inspire the owner of the watch, they call it “SQUIFF”. And personally, I just got excited by this Smile

This November 2011, SOLEUS is proud to launch the newest addition to their collection of insight-made watches—the SOLEUS GPS 1.0.


Soleus GPS 1.0 specifications

The Soleus GPS 1.0  comes in 2 colors FOR NOW. The black/gray which is preferred by men and black/volt, chosen by women. The SOLEUS GPS 1.0 has everything runner needs—nothing he doesn’t. It measures the pace, distance and speed ACCURATELY; has a night mode useful for night runs; lights up for 10 seconds; has big numbers for easy viewing.. For weight conscious people, like me, the calories burned feature would be a lot of help!  It stores your previous run data and most of all navigates runs using the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) orbiting up there.

And the SRP? For only P6,150.00,  the BEST PRICED in the market today.. Smile    The packaging comes with a charger, all you have to do is clip it and connect it to your computer and there it goes…

In simple words, Soleus GPS 1.0 gives a runner EVERYTHING he needs, NOTHING he don’t!

Soleus GPS Watch Launching_00043

Soleus GPS Watch Launching_00040

Soleus GPS 1.0: a closer look

Soleus GPS Watch Launching_00047

Squiff: “May The Course Be With You.”

Soleus GPS Watch Launching_00041

Soleus GPS 1.0 Manual and Charger

Who wouldn’t want this? All these specifications got me so curious since I’m not really so conscious of my running at this point. I mean, honestly speaking, I run, but I don’t really take track of my pace and time. I’m not so conscious of the time I finish a certain distance. or if I beat my best time. In simple words, I just run because I am having fun.

And this curiosity was “semi-answered” when I was picked as the last  winner of the 5 GPS watches Soleus gave away that night. I was overwhelmed that it took me seconds before I reacted. Probably an embarrassing moment for me? But I don’t really care anymore, I got a SOLEUS GPS 1.0 watch for FREE Open-mouthed smile  Thank you Soleus! Smile

That could be a sign that I should be preparing for my half marathon? Maybe next year?

Ohh well!

We’ll see. Smile

Winners Soleus GPS Watch

Soleus GPS Watch Winners with Mr. David Arnold, owner of Soleus    (photo from Soleus Philippines Facebook Page)

Soleus Event Group Picture

Bloggers take a pose after the Soleus launching event at Texas Roadhouse Gill (photo from Soleus Philippines Facebook Page)


Soleus watches are available at L Timestudio, Timegear and Wristpod Boutiques.

Introductory offer @ 10% off! 🙂 Grab yours now! Thanks to Amanda and Sir Otek for the info! 🙂

Also check out Little Running Teacher’s blog about Soleus GPS 1.0 and the other watches of Soleus!


What are you waiting for? Get one for yourself!



  1. Congrats again for winning in the raffle. I still can remember your reaction. Winner ka talaga. 😀

    • Hahahhaa. Thank you po sir Jinoe! 🙂 hahahha overwhelmed kasi.

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