Posted by: RunNurse | December 17, 2011

Katy Perry: The one that got away again :<

Yes, yes.. I am an AVID FAN of Katy Perry! In fact, I can listen to her album over and over and never get tired of it. Smile 

I was in HKG when I learned that Katy Perry will FINALLY be back here in Philippines for her California Dreams concert! Thanks to Cheryl Smile I was so overwhelmed that I would watch her, even if I’m alone! (not so usual for me) I immediately informed my friend in Anna, who is now based in Australia about the news!! (well we were the concert buddies back then) I was very decided that I will watch her.. Of course I started saving money for it right then.

made me nuts

isa p

Katy Perry had her first concert here in the Philippines last Oct 2009. I wasn’t able to watch it since that was the time we were hit by Ondoy. I let her pass that time and I said to myself, “Someday, when Katy comes back here.. I will definitely watch her! I will seat at the front row and see her in person.”


dot dot dot…. And now, I am dying inside because for the 2nd time, I will have to let her get away. Sad smile 

wanna watch



Im up for the diamond…. BUT, Because of priorities and for my future, I have decided to let her get away again. Something unexpected came up Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile HUHUHUHU. YES, IT’S AGAINST MY WILL. But I have to give it up.  Goodbye California Dreams, Goodbye Katy Perry!!!!!


I know what I will do is for the greater good… I still feel very sad that again, I won’t be able to see the only artist I wanna see. Katy Perry.


My hopes are up that SOMEDAY, it will come. I LOVE YOU KATY PERRY. Sad smile Sad smile you’re the ONE THAT GOT AWAY.. AGAIN.




xoxo RunNurse


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