Posted by: RunNurse | March 17, 2012

Get Ready for Summer with McFloat Summer Medley!


McDonald’s is proud to launch their newest offering that will surely quench you during this HOT, HOT summer!

The McFloat Summer Medley

McFloat Summer Medley

Featuring four new flavors–Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, and Honey Banana Sprite McFloat is sure to keep you refreshed this entire summer!


Summer is all about fun and excitement. Bonding with friends is more fun with great food and cool music. With McFloat Summer Medley, McDonald’s is sure to become a favorite destination this season,” says Margot Torres, McDonald’s Philippines, Vice-President for Marketing and Communications.

McDonald’s McFloat Summer Medley comes in two sizes: Regular size at P29 and Monster size for P45.

The classic McDonald’s Coke Float will still be available for Php 25.00 for the regular size and Php 40.00 for the monster size.


For only P50, you can order a Regular Coke McFloat with Medium Fries. While for only Php 55.00, you can pair up your Medium Fries with any of the four new regular-size McFloat flavors.

McFloat Summer Medley press launch with Xian Lim41

WOW! Perfect for barkada hangouts this Summer! Smile

McDonald’s also proudly introduced the hunk Xian Lim as the newest brand ambassador for the new McFloat Summer Medley! Perfectly representing our youth today!

Xian Lim for McFloat Summer Medley

“Summer is one of my favorite times of the year because you can relax and just have fun,” says Xian.

“I’m happy that I can help bring a little bit of summer to everyone this year and I feel so excited to be a part of the McDonald’s family in the Philippines.”

McFloat Summer Medley press launch with Xian Lim113

Isn’t that exciting?


So, what are you waiting for, get to your nearest McDonald store.. Grab your choice of any McFloat Summer Medley flavors and START your summer refreshed! Just as Xian Lim did! Smile

McFloat Summer Medley press launch with Xian Lim76

You may also join McDonald’s online twitter contest!


The McFloat Summer Medley is available in all McDonald’s stores nationwide, McDelivery 8-6236 or visit more awesome surprises this summer! For more information, visit

McDonalds Logo

Please stay tuned for the new McFloat commercial to be aired tonight at your favorite local channels!


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